Brandon P. Kuster Memorial Foundation

Brandon's Bio

  Brandon had many passions.  Number one on the list would be spending time with family.  The first thing he would ask every Sunday morning was "who's coming over today".  The next thing he would ask was "what time does the race start" Brandon loved NASCAR.  If he wasn't watching NASCAR  that meant that his beloved Carolina Tar Heels were playing.  Brandon loved the Tar Heels and hoped to someday attend the University of North Carolina.  Brandon was the ultimate fan, he stood by the Pittsburgh Pirates even though they never had a winning season during his lifetime. 
     Brandon also could be found in the kitchen where he loved to cook.  Even at 3am in the morning you might find Brandon baking brownies for his sister Roni and cousin Gabby.  When he turned 14 his interests turned to golf.  For an entire year Tiger Woods monopolized the Kuster's TV.  Then at age 15, Tiger was replaced by Brandon's new found love of hunting.  Brandon earned his Pennsylvania Safe Hunter's License and against his mother's wishes bought a crossbow and dragged his dad into the woods to turkey hunt.  If it was summertime that meant the pool or the trailer located in Conneaut Lake.  Brandon acted as the activity director at pool in his backyard always organizing a game with his brother Justin and all of his cousins and friends.  Brandon wouldn't celebrate his birthday anywhere but the trailer with a day of fun at Firemen’s Beach or out on his Uncle Ron's boat and then off to Red Lobster in Meadville. This is only a small sample of Brandon’s interests.  With your help we would like to continue adding to this list.  You can easily do this by visiting the guest book and sharing your memories of Brandon with us. 

During Brandon's Eulogy, we were asked not to remember Brandon as the boy who died at camp, but as the boy with the beautiful smile. 


Time Line:

Brandon was born August 3rd 1992 at 08:01am in Magee Woman's Hospital in Pittsburgh
Baptized at St Judes Catholic Church in Wilmerding by Father O'Malley
Traveled to San Diego, California at 3 weeks old
Attended preschool at Crossroads in Monroeville
Attended his first year of Pitcairn Camp B at age 5 and continued every year
Played soccer for the Monroeville Rec league, ages 6 to 12
Attended grade school at Ramsy Elementary school, K to 4th grade
Cub scouts Pack 184
Played T-Ball for Baskin Robbins in Monroeville
Made first holy communion at St Jude's Wilmerding, age 8
Served as an alter boy at St Jude's and St Michael's, ages 9 to 15
Played coach pitch 9-10 year old in Monroeville Baseball Association
Played basketball from 10yr to 15yr for Monroeville Rec League
Attended Moss Side Middle School 5th and 6th  grade
Played deck hockey for Monroeville Rec League, age 12
Played little league for the Pirates in the Monroeville Baseball Association
Played first year of Pony league age 13 in the Monroeville Baseball Association
Played junior high football for Gateway Middle school in 7th and 8th grade
Played second year of Pony league age 14 in the Pitcairn Baseball Association
Served as Junior Counselor Pitcairn Camp B, ages 14 and 15
Made confirmation at North American Martyrs at age 14
Earned Pennsylvania Safe Hunters License at age 15
Played football for Gateway High School sophomore year, age 15


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